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Senior woman portraitWhen living on your own becomes more and more difficult, when routine activities seem exhausting or impossible, when just ‘keeping house’ is taking the joy out of life, it may be time to think of an assisted living option. But where can you turn for knowledgeable, unbiased advice? Most people are not prepared to deal with these questions.

Our Aim: FindingAssistedLiving is a Florida-wide directory; a network of professionals providing full, transparent, accurate and trustworthy information to help people find the senior transition option that is right for them or their loved ones.

FindingAssistedLiving is devoted to providing the best and most complete information available for those seeking assisted living options. It might be a senior apartment, a skilled nursing facility or an assisted living facility, but our mission is always to guide you to the type of personalized care that you or your loved ones need and deserve.

Our overriding principle is that whatever we do, we do entirely for the glory of God.