When you get older and it gets more and more difficult to take care of yourself, you will need that extra help and care. By looking closely at a few signs, you will be able to decide if your loved ones need that extra help.

  1. If you see an empty refrigerator or a refrigerator with expired food, it is the sign that you or your loved ones are not eating properly
  2. When your loved ones are getting weaker and losing weight, it is a sign that they may not be eating properly.
  3. If you start noticing bruises more frequently on your loved ones, it is a sign that they are falling regularly and getting injured. It is very important that we provide a helping hand to them as soon as possible before our loved ones suffer a serious injury.
  4. Another sign is when you see your loved ones wearing the same clothes over and over. It could mean they are forgetting personal hygiene and may not be able to do laundry and / or bathe themselves.
  5. When the house and yard is not maintained, it is a sign that they need help with cleaning.
  6. Forgetting things are signs that show your parents or loved ones are suffering from memory loss. Memory loss is a serious problem and it is always nice to have some kind of help for people suffering from memory loss.
  7. When you see your parent depressed and notice strange behavior, it is an early sign that they are having some issues and need help.