Do you get frustrated trying to get through to facilities and not getting anywhere? Well FindingAssistedLiving provides FREE information and direction to seniors who are transitioning into assisted living, who need assistance with legal and financial issues, or with any of the many other difficult decisions that come with getting older. We have researched a variety of facilities, home-care providers, senior placement companies, and professionals in your area to ease your decision making process. You may contact us at our toll free number (866-333-2657) or send us your information in the form provided (location).

The process is as simple as the steps below:

  1. Contact us by phone or by submitting your contact information.
  2. Your FAL Advisor will contact you.
  3. Your financial goals are discussed.
  4. Your preferences are discussed.
  5. Your FAL Advisor will personally take you to visit facilities in your area.
  6. Your FAL Advisor will help coordinate your move.

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