Would love to promote your Funeral Home for the entire year.

So Start Promoting Your Funeral Home and Services Today

FindingAssistedLiving has a new marketing and referral service model designed for funeral homes and all of their services. The cost starts at $1,200.00 for up to 4 locations in the state of Florida, for one year. There are no additional referral fees or written contract.

FindingAssistedLiving promotes your business to our online elder/senior/family audience looking for the services you provide. We would provide for our clients your business along with all of its services.

Here’s How It Works

FindingAssistedLiving begins by placing the name of your funeral home along and locations, addresses, and descriptive information about your business in our services directory. Your directory listing makes it possible for the potential online consumer and/or our established network of healthcare professionals to call you directly.

FindingAssistedLiving refers private pay elder/senior residents that have contacted us looking for assisted living in your area, along with professionals and / or services.

FindingAssistedLiving also refers all qualified calls, emails, and forms we receive from hospital social workers, seniors living in independent living communities, skilled nursing facilities, healthcare professionals, rehab facilities, and family members looking for an assisted living facility in your area.

What’s the Cost?

  • This is for one (1) year for $1,200.00 per institution, with up to 4 locations. If you would like to list more locations, let us know.
  • We provide your business and locations with exposure so that you can be found.
  • Service agreement renews annually.
  • Directory listing includes five pictures, address, etc. per location.

To Begin The Process:

  1. Complete the form below and submit.
  2. Your information will be reviewed for approval.
  3. Once approved you’ll be added to our directory.
  4. Your Plan Listing selection must be prepaid via Check, MasterCard or Visa.

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