How do I Start an Exercise Program?

For people who are suffering from obesity, it becomes really difficult to start a safe weight-loss program. Even though there are different types of surgeries like gastric bypass surgery or bariatric surgery to remove excess weight, regular exercise still plays a very important role in maintaining body weight. If you are someone who is facing obesity-related health problems and need guidance to start an exercise program, you need to get the expert advice of Dr. Christian Birkedal. Dr. Birkedal, along with his staff, will be able to help you overcome obesity with various safe weight-loss programs.

What Challenges do Obese People Face?

overweightThe biggest challenge faced by obese people is not being able to move freely like others. Obese people find it more difficult to exercise when compared to others and often feel too scared and humiliated to go to the gym and exercise. Common problems faced by obese people while exercising are listed below.

  • Some exercise equipment are difficult for them to use.
  • Swimming, considered to be one of the best exercises to reduce weight, is good if they have a pool at home. Otherwise, they feel awkward in front of others while swimming at a gym or public pool.
  • Knee and joint problems are a common problem, so walking can be difficult for them.

So what is the solution for all these problems? What is a safe weight-loss program available for obese people? That is where Dr. Christian Birkedal comes into picture. Dr. Birkedal and his team will do a thorough examination and analyze your diet and exercise routine. He will then come up with a weight-loss program to reduce body fat through natural means.

What to Consider Before Starting Your Weight-Loss Program

  • Concentrate on the Long-Term Benefits. It is easy to focus on your oversized waistline, extra large clothes and your reflection in the mirror to start your exercise program, however, they are only short-term motivators that can fade over time. You need to concentrate on the long-term benefits if you wish to succeed. Using your immediate success as a push, you should focus on achieving long-term goals. Setting your fitness goals based on this will help you focus more and achieve your goals easily.
  • Improve Healthy Living Habits. A healthy lifestyle is a skill that you should work hard on in order to ensure safe weight loss. You should understand that it is not something that you can achieve in a day or two. You must work hard and continue to improve your habits. Most people, when faced with setbacks, do not show the effort to overcome it. You must be ready to face difficulties early on and should have the determination to overcome them to achieve your long term goals.
  • Do Physical Activities You Enjoy. Going to the gym and working out may not be everyone’s cup of tea. You should do physical activities that you enjoy most. Most obese people face this hurdle as they do not know where to start. Whether you like playing sports, swimming, or dancing, as long as it gets you moving and keeps you interested enough to continue exercise. You should do the things that give you mental and physical satisfaction as it helps in motivating you and helps to achieve your long-term goals.


Dr. Christian Birkedal
Dr. Christian Birkedal
Starting an exercise program can be a difficult task for people suffering from obesity. We, at Florida Hospital, help you in starting your exercise program and help you in choosing the best weight-loss program. Dr. Christian Birkedal, will help you in deciding the what is most suitable for you to overcome obesity. Dr. Birkedal will also be able to guide you with other weight-loss options including weight-loss surgery like bariatric surgery at Altamonte Springs, lab band surgery at Daytona Beach, Flagler beach or gastric bypass surgery at Palm Coast.

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