In recent years, the choices available in the elder care senior housing market have grown dramatically. Independent senior living communities, apartments for seniors, assisted living communities and other types of senior living facilities have replaced old ideas about ‘retirement’ homes. Today, independent living retirement communities and assisted living communities offer options in senior care living that range from completely independent senior housing to assisted living in facilities with memory care or skilled nursing services. While remaining home instead of choosing any senior housing facility is still an option, senior living facilities seem a more and more attractive choice for many.

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Terms like “old age home” and “retirement home” are out-of-date and misplaced. Today’s retirement communities, senior living communities, and assisted living facilities offer a vast range of senior living options and senior services. But making all the decisions required to transition to a senior lifestyle can seem overwhelming! No one person can be familiar with all of the independent living, assisted living, senior home care and other choices available in today’s market.

A wide range of senior housing, retirement communities, independent living and assisted living facilities make up today’s options. The great advantage of assisted living is that it can be customized to meet the needs of each individual resident. They may vary greatly, but all good assisted living facilities and retirement homes share some basic qualitiesFinding Assisted Living and understand that good assisted living facilities vary widely, but they all share some qualities:

  • They treat their residents with dignity and respect
  • They keep the senior as active, independent and engaged as possible

Making the right decision is essential to the future health and happiness of the resident and to the family as well. You should think carefully about the qualities that make a senior living facility or an assisted living facility a safe and comfortable environment. Does the facility have 24-hour security? Are exercise and wellness programs available? Providing three nutritious meals a day in a common dining area and arranging social and recreational activities can make a big difference. Basic things like personal laundry services, housekeeping services and transportation availability must be considered. How can one person sort through all of the considerations involved?

Finding Assisted Living and can help! We can take over the responsibility of finding, vetting and recommending the assisted living or other senior housing alternative that is best for the person involved, not for the facility or service that is marketing it. It is vital that the entire selection of assisted living facilities and other senior life transition options is understood. Each has advantages and drawbacks and none of them are right for all seniors. Finding Assisted Living and are committed to helping seniors and their families choose the best option for that person. We can find the personalized care that is right for the situation.

Before a firm decision is made about any senior life transition, it is wise to talk the matter over with the senior and with each of the family members. This will help to smooth the transition and to maintain strong family relationships. Making this decision before illness or disability occurs means that it will be made in a calm, unhurried manner. Both the senior and the family members involved will be able to work towards the best outcome. This discussion is critical to both the senior and to the family; everyone concerned should have a clear understanding of what the new home setting will provide. Things like access to transportation or help with dressing and other daily routines may be big factors in choosing an assisted living facility.

When remaining ‘home instead’ is no longer possible even with home care assistance, then call on Finding Assisted Living and to help you make the important, sometimes difficult decisions. There are so many senior living and senior care options. We can help locate senior housing alternatives including:

  • Retirement communities, senior apartments, 55+ communities and senior living communities.
  • Nursing homes, skilled nursing facilities, care homes and convalescent homes

Many seniors express concern about entering any one of these options because they fear the loss of their independence, personal mobility and freedom. This fear is misplaced for most of the senior living options available. Senior apartments, retirement villages and 55+ communities offer senior lifestyles that provide almost complete autonomy while offering the security of having senior services close at hand when needed.

If an assisted living facility is the better choice, then Finding Assisted Living and its website services at will help you sort through the process of choosing the best option for you or your loved one. Finding Assisted Living will always endeavor to put the best interests of the resident or patient first!

Finding Assisted Living and can advise and help with all your life transition needs including:

  • Assisted living and assisted living facilities
  • Remaining home instead with home care assistance, in-home care or home care services
  • Nursing homes, a skilled nursing facility or convalescent home
  • Retirement communities, senior apartments and independent living
  • Retirement villages, retirement homes, senior living communities, 55+ communities
  • Elderly care services such as nursing care, senior home care, senior services, elder-care and retirement living

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Have many happy senior years! Thank you.