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FindingAssistedLiving is devoted to providing the best and most complete information available for those seeking assisted living options. It might be a senior apartment, a skilled nursing facility or an assisted living facility, but our mission is always to guide you to the type of personalized care that you or your loved ones need and deserve. FindingAssistedLiving will consider your application to receive the FindingAssistedLiving (FAL) Approved Vendor designation.

FindingAssistedLiving promotes you and your business to our online elder/senior/family audience looking for services, and provides our established network of social workers and healthcare professionals access to you and your business.

Here’s How It Works

FindingAssistedLiving begins by placing the name of you and your business in its respective category along with a descriptive narrative in our Vendor and Provider directory. Your directory listing makes it possible for the potential online visitors and/or our established network of healthcare professionals to call you directly.

FindingAssistedLiving also refers all qualified calls, emails, and forms we receive from all prospects directly to you. The consumer would expect to be contacted within seventy-two (72) hours of initiating the request.

The Benefits

  • FindingAssistedLiving sends you and your business referrals.
  • Provides exposure for new and old businesses that don’t have a website.
  • Enhances your current marketing and provides an alternative.
  • Partners with up to three businesses in your category per city.
  • Allows potential residents to call you directly.
  • Markets your business to discharge planners and health professionals.
  • There are no referral fees paid to FindingAssistedLiving for any new business as a result of the referral and/or lead.

What’s the Cost? Absolutely No Fees for 2016!


We understand that running a business is not easy and can require licenses, business occupational licenses, etc. FindingAssistedLiving will verify the information and conduct due diligence on the applicant and has the right to decline the application for any reason. FindingAssistedLiving may remove a directory listing at any time at its sole discretion with or without notice. For those businesses that pay the annual fee only, they will be refunded the prorated fee depending on the time left on the agreement.

Only complete this form when you’re ready to begin the process of promoting you and your Business through FindingAssistedLiving . If you still have questions please call 866-333-2657.

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  3. Once approved you’ll be added to our directory.

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